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Still working that Mushroom

It’s been a while since my last post. I’m still going every week. I spend about two-thirds of the session working the Mushroom trying to improve and the other third stretching and conditioning. Working on the Mushroom is a lot more tiring that you might think, especially when you keep falling off! After about 6 attempts I have to rest for a minute or two. What is best is if I work with someone else, that way not only can you critique each other but you get a rest while the other has their turn. My goal was to get it by Xmas but my best so far is 3 complete rotations. I’m not put off though, the elephant lift took me a lot longer to get than I first imagined but I did get it eventually. If I stick with this I am certain that I will eventually get it.


The mushroom

I know I haven’t written anything for a long while but I’ve still been going to gymnastics.  The thing is I didn’t really have anything new to write about.  I can now repeatedly do the tuck press to handstand that I wrote about previously, I’ll have to get some video.  The thing is, I now have something new to write about.  We have a new toy at gymnastics, something that I have been asking the club to get for some time. This is called a mushroom and it is a prep for the pommel horse. I start my journey now and hopefully I’ll be circling round it before too long.  So far I can make one complete circle, be great if I can master simple circles by the end of the year.



Tuck Press to Handstand

Tuck Press to Handstand

I came across this video while looking for some examples of the Elephant lift for a friend.  I feel that I should be able to do this without too much effort as I can already do the Straddle Press to Handstand (Elephant lift).  I had a few goes at gym on Monday and managed to pull it off a couple of times.  I’m quite chuffed as it looks really good when done slowly and under control like in the video.  I am going to try to get some footage of myself doing these moves to add to this blog.  Next step would be the Pike Press to Handstand but that’s much more difficult.

What next?

I struggled to do standing back tucks the other night when I used to just reel them off. I think it’s because I have practiced them much lately as I’ve been focusing on other things. On the flip side I managed to do round-off flick flick across the floor which I’ve never managed before. At least my elephant lift is still strong. I need to make serious attempts to improve my box splits as this will help me no end, this is my new focus.


Level 1

Level 1

I now have my level 1 award. The most difficult task in getting this one was cartwheels on the beam. It was pretty hairy and I fell off several times. I had to stick 2 out of 5 attempts and didn’t think I was going to get it but it all came good in the end. So that’s it now, the next goal would be the bronze award.


Level 4

Level 4

I decided to get something to show for my years of hard work so have started going for some awards. They not only give me something to keep but a focus for my sessions. This is level 4 and is pretty basic (I did it in 10 mins) but there will be more to follow and they will get more difficult.

I’m still going!

I know I haven’t written anything for a long time but I am still grinding away. For a long time things were very static but I’ve started moving forward again lately so there is news to share. Stay tuned.